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How to Make a Capsule

Taking your oils internally can be a very effective way to get the oils into your system, especially if you are taking them for digestive issues.  Making capsules can be an intimidating topic, but its really super easy!   You will need the following items:

Coconut Oil
Essential Oils

You take your empty capsule and pull it apart. You can buy these vegetable capsules at . Use one side to scoop a little bit of the coconut oil.  Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and I find this to be an easy way to do it.  Add however many drops of essential oils your recipe calls for.  Then snap the capsule closed and take it.  You can take it immediately or freeze it for later use, but don’t leave it sitting at room temperature or it will dissolve and make a mess.



How to Make a Rollerball

Rollerballs are great ways to create your own blends and have them in an easy to apply bottle on the go.  I keep my favorite blends ready to go on my oil shelf so I can use them immediately when I deem it necessary. To make your rollerball you will need:

An Empty Roller
Carrier Oil (I use avocado oil.)
Essential Oils


Set up your empty roller.  It comes with 3 pieces:  The glass bottle, the rollerball, and the cap.  Add the essential oils for your recipe to the empty bottle.  Then you will pour in the carrier oil of your choice.  I use avocado oil most of the time.  You may want to research the comedogenic scale and choose an oil that will work with your skin type.  The higher the comedogenic rating the more pore-clogging an oil is.  People with naturally oily skin should choose a very low number or a zero on the scale.  Then you press your rollerball into the bottle, sealing it up.  Then add the cap and label your bottle in some way so you remember what its used for.  I use my Silhouette to label my oils but a simple sticker with a pen is a great way to label them also.



That’s it!  Its really simple and if you want to see it done, here is a video of me showing you step by step how its done.  Please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel!  Blessings to you!